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Therapeutic Art

Therapeutic Art Coaching

You do not need to be an artist to benefit from therapeutic art. The reward is the process rather than the finished piece and can help during a wellbeing transformation. It is great for those who want to engage their creative senses or are seeking art as a tool for relaxation or stress management.

The pillars of coaching combined with art therapy processes help to create clarity, identify obstacles, and process emotions while moving in the direction of your goals. Therapeutic art can be used in any teen, adult or family-health coaching sessions. Here are just two of the sessions available through Practical Healing Center…

Guided Meditation Art

The session begins with guided meditation.  You have the opportunity to journal whatever you noticed while we were quiet and present with our thoughts.  What you were mindful of becomes the starting point for your art.  I am able to help you co-create from what you recognized or you might choose to  work independently.  There is an opportunity to share in a safe space what it meant to you and your finished piece as well as opportunity for discussion around some “common meanings.”  

When we are able to get quiet and present, our minds are able to go to the things we need to work through or want to focus on.  This session can be repeated as often as you would like or can be the starting point for one-on-one sessions for a deeper dive into ANY areas you want to set goals in.

Color The Day

This exercise is good for meditation and self-expression. It can be done at any time but is great for an end-of-day exercise. It is a way to process through the emotions of the day and discuss, evalute or release them.

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