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S4E9: How They Got Here – Amy McLaren

Meet Amy McLaren! Amy is a wife, mother and charity leader who is using her passions to make an impact. Learn about how she got here, her brand new book, and what she hopes for teens at they bigin to discover what they are passionate about. Connect with Amy after

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S4E8: How They Got Here – Jamie Kirschner

In sticking with the underlying theme of not having to have it all figured out as a teen, Jamie shares how the directions of her path changed and evolved. She shares how her work with Christian teen girls came to be. And what it felt like as an older teen

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S4E7: How They Got Here – Amy Balowitz Miller

Welcome back to Here’s The Thing! Today we are continuing our series on “How they got here” by interviewing the amazing Amy Balowitz Miller.  Hear how she went from confused to confident in her career path after high school and beyond.    LINKS: amysartpalette.com themotherdaughterartproject.com FB and IG: amysartpalette You

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S4E6: How They Got Here – Melissa Farnsworth

If you remember Melissa from Season 1, you’ll remember she is open and honest and tells it like she sees it. Since you heard her last, she is now also working with teens! Here how she got here in this episode. To connect with Melissa after the show: Find her

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S4E5: How They Got Here – Shelli Varela

How did Shelli Varela go from a manicurist to a firefighter to a teen mentor? Much the same as many of the guests this season who didn’t start out with the goal of working with teens. Join us as Shelli shares how it “feels” when she notices the next best

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S4E4: How They Got Here – Dorene Olsen

Dorene Olsen is back with us to share more with us! Your professional life could have many twists and turns, you never know where your work and passions could take you. In this episode, Dorene will share her career journey to becoming a brand expert. Teens, this episode is exactly

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S4E3: How They Got Here – Betsy Cadel

Betsy Cadel is a college essay specialist with over 30 years of experience as a writer and marketing expert. Her company, College Essay Helpers, works with high school juniors to write compelling essays that will impress admissions officers to increase their chances of getting into their dream school while reducing

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S4E2: How They Got Here – Norry Ascroft

If you only ever share one episode with EVERYONE you know, let it be this one!! It is Norry Ascroft’s goal to get his FREE book, The Truth About Bullying into as many hands as possible! When it comes to bullying, Norry believes that we have been staring at the

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S4E1: How They Got Here – Dr. Ben Rein

Ben Rein is back and he is now officially Dr. Ben Rein, PhD! He joins me (literally) on the road to his new position at Stanford University. He shares what he has been up to since joining us last, the future of ASC and his passion for continuing to reach

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