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Much of your life so far was spent moving towards independence. Then one day you wake up and the way you’ve always done things isn’t working anymore. School has new challenges. You have more responsibilities. And your new friend, Hormones, has you questioning everything you thought you knew about yourself!

You might feel overwhelmed. Then when you are tired from trying to have it all figured out you you feel like quitting. To your parents, this looks like you aren’t motivated. But you don’t want to have to explain it all when Mom says “how was your day?” So you grunt out a “fine”, grab a snack and shut your door before she can ask anything else.

You want to figure it out. You do care! But part of you doesn’t want ask for help. The adults in your life become frustrated because they want the best for you. That is where coaching comes in! It can help you build your emotional intelligence muscles to better handle all the world demands of you!

Coaching is a confidential safe space to build skills, share your struggles and gain confidence. It’s like having an honest conversation with a cool Aunt or Uncle! Some of the areas I help you feel empowered in are:


Congratulations! Where you are in this moment is one of the most important places in your journey…

I call it, Ready For Change.

Whatever your goal, you might have found some things that worked for you. But overall, NOTHING made the difference you knew you needed for lasting results.

You might have decided to lose 20 pounds. You rushed to the grocery store, stocked up on a lot of veggies in all the colors of the rainbow, avoided the dessert aisle, and grabbed a few more items you thought would be game changers. That felt good! You got home, stocked the fridge, sat down and were proud. For a moment. In the next few days you began to make little decisions out of habit and your goal began to unravel right in front of you.

Tired and frustrated, you threw in the invisible towel and order carryout because the decision making and follow through of CHANGE required momentum you didn’t hold on to. Your comfort zone was easier to fall back to.

We all have that comfort zone. And having a support team is a game-changer. That is where coaching comes in.

I truly believe that as a client you come to me whole and completely capable of the change you want to see in your life. What I offer is a solution to the stalled momentum by helping you process through information more easily, and walk beside you as you design your goals to attain the results you want in your life without the overwhelm!

It isn’t just about weight loss though, that is one example of a life change that matters to many folks. It’s actually about living a healthy, well purposed life that brings joy and contentment at the end of each day.

Everyone of us at some point sets a goal with great intention and falls short of reaching that goal. What I offer you is a solution to building your own bridge and moving from the point of saying, “I want to change” to walking across that bridge of lasting change.

I will walk with you.

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